Readable Theme for the latest version of BSS.

Hello, I am completely a new to BSS and web development too. I am following along this video:; and this was probably done on the previous version of the BSS. The guy is loading "Readable" theme. I found this theme :; however but it cannot be loaded via "Manage Themes" as the BSS giving some error. "Invalid CSS, this file contains invalid CSS and can't be imported" Is there an alternative for this particular theme within themes currently available? I looked into them but did not find anything similar. Thank you guys. PS: this is not the the last question I will be posting :) Skip

Have you created a Bootstrap 4 project and then tried to insert this theme? As these themes seem to be for Bootstrap 3. I don't know if this is the issue I'm just suggesting. Here's a post I made a little while ago about a similar issue and Printnija has a post that I linked to. URL To Post

Hope it helps

There is not a "Readable" theme for Bootstrap 4. I would choose the "Litera" theme as I think it comes the closest to "Readable".

thanks guys Skip