Really disappointed

I purchased Bootstrap Studio because of the promise of only having to dive into HTML when having to do customized or 'special' features. The web site claims that an entire responsive web site can be created simply by dragging and dropping objects and editing their contents and properties. Imagine my disappointment when, only 5 minutes into the first 'total web site creation' tutorial (based on version 2) I find out that to do something as simple as right-aligning the navigation bar (in version 4) I would have to dive into HTML, create a new class, edit the


div>, blah blah blah. Back to the low-productivity, code-heavy tools we have all had for so long.... Thankfully I only purchased the $29 version. I should have blown that money on beer and continued with my existing tools.

Lol, no one forced you to buy it before trying it. There's a fully functional trial version on the website for you to experiment and learn with before ever spending a penny of the ridiculously low priced software.

Also, NO where on the website does it PROMISE you can build your site fully with only drag and drop. What it does say is this:

Editing Code For some things drag and drop isn't enough. This is why Bootstrap Studio gives you full control over your markup when you need it. You can import and edit CSS, SASS, JavaScript and HTML in our Sublime Text-like editor.

And not much further down the page is the HUGE full width banner that tells you you can try the online trial. Your disappointment is only your own, and you'll miss out on a great tool due to the lack of knowledge which you are apparently not equipped with or you wouldn't be so disappointed. I don't know any single experienced web designers or developers that would expect a fully drag and drop and still have quality coding and functionality. Good luck finding that.

Anyways, sorry to see you go, but ...

Right-aligning the navbar can be done by choosing "Flex" for Navbar Collapse div (Options) and setting Justify Content to "End" in the Options Panel.

There are also right-aligned nav bars in the online user library.