Reflow - Abusive mentions in email to customer

I placed an order in a test Reflow/Stripe shop, and I was surprised to see the content of the email sent to the customer.

This email is quite short and just indicates the products and price: OK for this, I’ll manage the complement, sending my own email beside awaiting a way to customize this mail from Reflow HQ (as we talked about in this thread)

But what hurt me are two points:

  1. The sender is <****>. I don’t think a store owner will accept this. It’s his/her store, not the Reflow HQ one. The only case for which it would be acceptable would be if Reflow was the company who issue the invoice and is, by the way, a reseller (it’s for example the case for one of my software sold by FastSpring – they charge the final customer with the mention “Reseller for <my_name>”, I don’t have to issue any invoice nor I manage the different VAT over the world; of course, they charge for this service keeping a percentage on the sales – nothing if no sale). So, I would like to be able to indicate the real store address in the From field.

  2. At bottom of the mail, there’s a link to For the same reason as above, the store owner, for sure, doesn’t want this (even when I was active on Shopify, people I helped didn’t want any mention of Shopify, even on a Free Plan). And on my side, too, I don’t want this for both my customer (the store owner) and myself (I never explain to my client how to replace me). So, here, it’s not a free plan, but an adware – sic. Until now, I was happy, because I saw you show a good respect to the work of your customers (the ones who build sites and solutions): no hidden mention in the exported websites (it’s, for example, not the case of builders like Mobirise that mention itself everywhere) and a e-commerce companion with a neutral name (Reflow, it’s not as obviously e-commerce oriented than Prestashop, BigCart or WooCommerce and I could even say that it sounds like a white mark). So again, I would like to be able to remove this footer link.

If I didn’t order for testing, I wouldn’t be aware of this double (hidden) mention. It’s really a kind of hijacking in my mind and I don’t like this mindset! For me a free plan is not a subproduct, but the paid one has to be superior (I mean, the free is not lowered). You should reserve these mention to the ones who want to be affiliated and, then, manage an affiliate plan.

It’s a pity because I was in good progress about digital delivery on post-order (cf. the other thread I mentioned above). For me these mentions are simply abusive!

What do you think? Your position is crucial for me; and I think a lot of us around.

Un peu en colère (in French), I have to say ^^

EDIT: For me, what is acceptable (different solutions):

  • About the sender (From field):

    • You send the email from a no reply user on a neutral domain (eg., and indicating the real store owner coordinate in the body of the mail and in Reply-To field.
    • You let Stripe (or Paypal), the real payment gateway (so, here it’s acceptable), sends the email for you.
    • You allow to disable this post-order email in the Reflow HQ board, and then, in this case, the store owner fully handles the post-order stage (by hand from the information you sent to him/her by email or starting from something like the Stripe’s webhook and your email notification as I did).
    • You stop sending any email to customer and you provide a post-order webhook by yourself containing a payload with all detail (products, prices, customer name, customer email) to send whatever email the owner wants by his/her own way.
  • About the link (in footer):

    • It’s there by default and you allow to disable it from the Reflow HQ interface.
    • It’s not there by default and you allow to enable it with custom link for those who want to become affiliates.
    • You chose to stop sending email (the last two possibilities in previous list above) and there’s no link anymore.

Thank you for the input, your suggestions help us make Reflow better!

Our emails have a Reply-to header, so customers replying to the email will send it to the store owner, but the email address in the From header always has to be from a domain we own. This is a limitation imposed by our email provider Postmark.

This could be worked around by building support for using third party SMTP servers so store owners can configure theirs, but this alongside switching off the link in the footer will be left for an eventual paid plan (it will have a lot of other features, it won’t be only this).

At the moment we are working on an option for disabling Reflow email messages, so you will be able to switch them off entirely.


Wow! this would be a dealbreaker for me too, this needs to be fixed asap… thanks for the post, I needed to know about this since I am building 2 stores in BSS right now, I hope a solution will be found before I launch the stores, otherwise I have to find an other solution.


OK, @martin, it sounds to be a good direction like this, but a blocking point (at least for me) until these changes.

Effectively, I well see the `Reply-To: eCom Test <> in the email source. About the From field, considering your context (with Postmark), you could (some solutions):

  • open a dedicated domain (even one without website behind) then send from store@yourdomain
  • open a dedicated domain with a box and webmail for each of your users (this could be in premium plan). So, in my testing case, email would come from ecom-test@yourdomain,
  • allow user to provide his/her own SMTP server with credentials (of course, one will preferably creates a dedicated box for this).

For the possibility to disable any email to customer (and keep the notification towards the store owner of course), it sounds OK for me while I’m able to figure out the concerned order (customer coord. and list of products) on post-order stage.

Thanks for your reaction.

EDIT: We agree, @trancemuter. The Martin’s answer seems to go to the right direction. However, it’s always good to have several solutions in the bag, just to be able to select the right one for each specific project.

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I agree with the new domain approach and most definitely should not have any website behind it.

This is what hosting providers do when providing nameservers to resellers. You can type a web address of a nameserver into your url and you will land to a blank page.
I’m guessing this can be done for Reflow as well.

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The use of a dedicated domain for order emails is a good idea. We will look into this.


Oh, I hope a less intrusive work about can be found. I’m pushing BSS hard for people looking for an Etsy & Shopify alternative. I agree with the OP, hope this can be resolved asap before I move forward with my current plans

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Does anyone know if this has been sorted in the recent update?