Reflow expand categories

As you add more products the product list could end up huge. It would be cool to be able to expand the categories to show the products in that category then when you click a product it opens for editing. Also in the products page have an option to filter by category.

Thank you for the suggestion! We changed it to only show the number of products in each category.

Hi @martin I was thinking more along the lines of below

Something like this

Expading Categories in reflow

Great suggestion! We’ll add it to our todo.

Thanks @Martin. That would be brilliant. Also could you maybe add a filter by category option to the reflow product page and the option to add a custom field? :grinning:

Yep, that’s planned. Should be released in a week or two.

Can you give an example of what you mean?

That could be a tricky one as everyone will have different categories. I suppose it would be like a dynamically populated dropdown. It would be populated with the reflow categories so that when you click one of the dropdown categories it shows only the products for the clicked category.

Filter By Category

On the other hand the custom fields could be used to set a discount code, date field for when the discount expires and another for the discount percentage. Just a thought.

@martin Hi again Martin. I’ve tried to make an example of what I mean. On the procucts idea page pick a category from the select options. On the product edit page scroll to the bottom of the page. Hope this explains it better. Thanks


yeah, something like the “Animated Filterable Gallery” that you can find in the BS4 Online components would be very very nice!

Thank you for the great demo with examples :slight_smile: Would custom fields be displayed in the product page, (maybe in a table)?

Yeah. Custom fields in a table would be ideal :ok_hand:

Hi again @martin A couple of other things you could add to the To Do List. Lol

On the attributes panel

add a button on the reflow products page to duplicate a product. I know I’m a pest but all your hard work is much appreciated. :grinning:

Great suggestion for the attributes! Also the Duplicate button is coming :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin. You guys are doing a grand job. :+1: