Reflow issue. Possible bug

Hi, I’ve been testing reflow. But I’ve recently noticed that Bootstrap Studio is not connecting properly. It only gives me the option to select one store yet this store is no longer showing in Reflow. There should be 3 and I can only see 2 in Reflow. Store Data Numbers are:

Latrigg - data-reflow-store=“860400689” Shows in BSS Design but not in Reflow.
Kirby Howarth - data-reflow-store=“1753825572” Does not show in BSS Design but does in Reflow.
Test Store - data-reflow-store=“1092983824” Does not show in BSS Design but does in Reflow.

Any help much appreciated, Thanks.

One possible explanation is that you have two separate Reflow accounts. We support signing in both with email/password and with Google, so maybe you’ve registered twice by mistake? You can disconnect Bootstrap Studio from your Reflow account from Cloud > Ecommerce > Disconnect and connect it to your other account.

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Thanks Martin, yeah I notice that in the cloud dropdown that you could disconnect and then reconnect, which I did. All good now.