refresh of design fails, when making a color undo in the "Look and Feel" section

To reproduce the little bug:

  1. new design
  2. make a DIV and select it
  3. in {Options}{Look and Feel} Click on "Style Attribute to open the dropdown and select "Create CSS Block"
  4. Press [ENTER] - Now the empty CSS-Style "div" appears in "Styles"
  5. Set the "Height" to e.g. 200px
  6. Set the "Background-Color" to something e.g. Blue
  7. Click in {Look and Feel} at {Background} the color icon and set it to an other color Now, the color-icon and the Design changed color.
  8. Press 1* UNDO The Design Color stays, and the color-icon return to the previous color. Clicking anywhere... then the {Colorpicker} lost the focus... the Design updates.

Hiya Frank,

That's always been how it works. If you have something still in focus it cannot do any back or forward until the item in focus is clicked out of. Then when you do an Undo it will then take effect. I too found this to be a strange way for it to work, but have gotten used to it now after working with the app for over a year. I'm not sure that will change in any future updates, but ... just in case it would if the devs knew we wanted this changed I put in my ...


To recap, would be nice if we didn't have to click out of an element to activate the Undo/Redo. This should happen whether something is still in edit mode or not and would save steps if it worked correctly, because we wouldn't have to click out of the edit mode, then do our Undo/Redo, then click back into edit mode in the same element we were editing just to continue editing it. Lots of extra steps that isn't normal compared to other software.