Registration and Login Forms

Hi, I just started using Bootstrap Studio today and am definitely loving it. However, I cannot find any documentation on setting up the backend of the registration and login forms. Also, how do I unlocked the html code for editing??



Can't help you with forms because I use a third-party company for my forms, but as far as unlocking the HTML, if you right click on a component in the Overview panel, you'll see an option "convert to HTML." You can also click on any object on the page and do the same thing. Personally, I've have little need to convert anything to HTML, as BSS is pretty good with providing all the components you need. You can always add a custom code component anywhere you want to inject your own HTML (found under Misc components.) To style locked components, you just copy the CSS class to a new CSS file (BSS conveniently makes a starter stylesheet called styles.css) and then you can override or change any of the stock Bootstrap CSS.

Thanks so much for the info!