remember preview settings

Please save the preview settings when closing BSS and load them at startup (-> automatically activate preview on the same port as last time).

Why? Currently I always have to turn on preview manually after starting BSS, copy the (random) port number, and enter it in my browser window in order to re-establish my development environment. It doesn't need to be so cumbersome. Most other settings in BSS are saved, so why not preview settings?

Has this issue been fixed and if so HOW? This is ridiculous to have to change settings every time!

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It doesn’t will save your settings, but you have to turn it on in the top right dropdown by the Preview Button which will tell you if it’s on or off. Click that, click the slider and it’s on. Much better than it used to be for sure. Click the button again and it open the page in your default browser.

It’s not ridiculous, it’s just (I guess) because this feature needs to run a local web server. It would be ridiculous to always start a web server (and overload the computer, consume its resources) for nothing; if you don’t use the preview button during your BSS session… So, it’s a “per session” decision!