Remember sizes of panels

Every time I open BSS I have to rearrange the panels. Please would you add an option to remember such settings?

I have to ask the obvious question here, what is it you're rearranging? I'm on Mac version, and nothing seems to be rearrangeable to me other than sliding the panel lengths up and down to see more of one than the other. They don't seem to be movable to me in any other way that I can see.

Other than that, I'd like to add to this that I use dual monitor setup, and it would be nice if it also remembered the location it was when it was closed. Minor thing to be sure, not a top priority, just a preference.

Yup - I'm talking about sliding the sizes of the components/overview, html/attributes/styles, and options/design panels. Agreed - only a preference thing, and it would also be nice to move panels to other monitors.

Thanks for that clarification, and I'd be +1 for being able to break the panels out of the main window to another monitor as well.

Thank you for the suggestion! This won't be difficult to do. I think we can make it a part of the next update (due for release after a few days).

Excellent! I look forward to the next release :-)

Ohhhh ty ty ty!