Remembering workspace setup of new detatchable window(s)

Taken from Announcements forum post by @Printninja for release 5.3.0: (NOTE: My version is Mac version, PJ's is Windows I believe)

I note that the detached editor panel does not “remember” that it’s been detached between program instances. In other words, every time you launch the program, you have to re-setup your workspace. It would be cool if there was a way for the program to “remember” particular workspace setups. This is pretty common in other software that support multiple monitors. Usually there’s a way to save your “workspace”, give it a name, set one as your default, and create different versions. Just things to thing about for future releases. 

+1 Just wanted to make sure this didn't get forgotten or overlooked as PrintNinja posted above. I would like to add that I'd be happy if it would just remember the last way it was set up, same for the program itself. Seems the program tends to open on whichever screen is currently focused when the app is started. If it could be set to remember where it was at close of last session, then having those same settings applied to the popout Editor window, that would be perfect enough for me.

Having said that, I do also love the idea of Workspaces, but I'm really not sure if there will be any more settings for this or not so if not then just remembering will be fine. If you have more releases that are planning to popout other parts of the window, then I would think setting up Workspaces would be a better solution. Hopefully this is something that will come soon. :)

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My ideal setup would be for the BSS workspace area to take up my entire main monitor, and the left and right panels be detachable and separately moveable to other monitors. Then I'd have the left panels on my left monitor next to the right side of BSS, and vice-versa on the opposite side. The code window I'd keep to the far right, and the preview window to the far left.

I also use a trick with my mobile phone which, because it's on my wi-fi network, can display the BSS preview. So I leave that running on my physical desk with Chrome open and the browser set to the internal I.P. address BSS uses for its preview. So I'm seeing almost everything in real-time.

I sometimes look at my work are like a mad scientist's lab lol.

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