Remote Access

How would i go about making it so i can edit news feeds and story's while out and about from my phone

There is no phone app so that is not possible with BSS. You will have to use a text editor and if you do that you won’t be able to load those changes in BSS.

if i were to edit the html on my phone directly (temporary) then make the same changes on the computer later would that work? Also they need to make a phone app or even a website editor XD

Yep that would work, just keeping in mind of course that you're having to do the work twice every time you do this. Not sure why you would need to be editing a website on a phone or tablet to start with really, but if you don't mind doing double the work, that would be your only solution.

I see no need for a phone app at all for web design. Sorry, but it's just not a practical thing at all. Tablet maybe, even then it's still not a totally practical thing because you cannot see all the different viewport sizes on the mobile devices so you cannot be sure you are making things correctly. The only thing a mobile sized editor could be "productively" used for would be to do nothing but alter some text, and only the text itself and not any of the styling etc. I don't see that as a good enough reason to go through the hassle of creating mobile apps for BSS. Just my opinion of course.

If you want dynamic content, news releases, feeds, etc, and publish them using your mobile device, use a CMS like WordPress for example. There are mobile apps that let you publish content directly to your WP site from your phone.

or just add that functionality to your website. You can develop it in BSS and then use Pinegrow Theme Converter to easily transform it into a WP theme with some parts remotely editable.

Good thing is that further modifications in BSS are easily ported to the WP theme.

Another option to using a CMS that integrates with Bootstrap Studio and does not require WP would be something like Perch CMS. If you go to their website you will see the Admin page is nicely displayed on a mobile phone. You can make regions "repeatable" for instance like a blog post would be. I bought it a couple years ago but was not quite up to speed on other areas of code but now I am looking more deeply into using this.

Actually I have recently discovered BS4soup and my intention is to automatically edit the html on export with a python script that will remove the html and replace it with the Perch code. Also I hope to link the html to another page which will also be automatically turned into the template component that needs to be added to the template folder. Along with changing extensions to php, beatifying html, etc etc.

I am sure there are other CMS that do a mobile to....