Rename of Custom code

Good work done. To go straight to the point, it would be nice if we can change the name of custom code under the overview panel. It will allow us to locate controls easily. I am currently using version 2.2.4 so pardon me if this is already mentioned and dealt with.

Just add a label and you're all set. I prefer it that way myself because I can always find my Custom Code blocks that way without any difficulty. Adding a label will show you the name of what you have in that block.

Adding label is not bad but if we want bootstrap to stay, there are petty things we have to consider

for me, i just right-click and select Rename. boom, done. what i WOULD like is to be able to take that custom code and put it in other categories than User. for example, i have a simple line break <br> that i would like to have under the Text category instead of all the way up at the top. somewhat irritating... :)