Renaming assets

I've got a huge pain-in-the-ass-problem: I need to rename multiple images (the files) in my project, and add alt tags to them. Now when I select the image in the layout I can change the filename, but of course nothing is displayed, since the actual image still has the old name. Is there any way to select the file in the design palette, when I select the corresponding element in the layout view? Then at least I wouldn't have to hunt for the files. If anyone has an idea how to automate this, I'm all ears! This is the stuff my nightmares are made of :)

This may sound strange, but my suggestion would be to rename outside of the app. Then delete the images in the app (making note of course for any special directories you have set up and leave the directories intact, just delete the images. Now reimport your images and put them in their respective directories and all the renaming of the images themselves are done, and quicker than would be doing in the app.

Doesn't solve the finding of the images, but if you're even smarter than me, you would do a screenshot to see all the names and then can just retype the names in the paths and you'll be sure they are the right ones. I would do all this even if it were hundreds of images being renamed, because it's much faster outside the app to do that than inside.

Tip: Export your project, go to the assets/img directory. Now all your images are right there at your fingertips already in their proper directories if any. When you upload them, upload them one directory at a time so you can more easily move them to their correct directory in the app without having to go through a bunch and pick and choose.

Just a thought. :)

Yes, I thought about that, but not all images have to be renamed, so I'd still have to sift through them. Renaming in BSS at least I have it all in one app. To make things worse, there is no pattern to the names, so no regex or similar would work. Pure monkey business.

Ahh ya that would be an issue if not all need to be named. Sounds to me like you're stuck doing them one at a time. Hate you have to go through all that, but even with all the tools I have for renaming multiple files, they still only work when you are doing similar renames so that wouldn't help either. Good Luck!