Renaming pages linked to navigation

When renaming a page that is already linked in the navigation, it would be great if the program automatically updated the URL at the same time.

Actually I would also love it if there were a way to update those links if you "move" a page as well. A good example is if you decide to add a page into a directory. If that page was moved there and not created there, and you had any Linked Components with Navs in them, they still reflected the top level root links last time I checked. These should automatically be reset to links coming from that directory.

This was the last time I checked of course so I haven't checked in a while. The work around I had to do was to have 2 different nav systems, one for the root level and one for the next level down. I would imagine that would go for sub directories of the sub directory as well and so on.

Would be nice if this would auto adjust as well. Probably a messy thing to do I'm sure, but something simpler than having to redo a new nav would be nice as well as renaming the links as the OP above suggested.

I would have edited, but didn't get back here in time, sorry.

I stand corrected by the app itself. Just checked out the nav situation and I am wrong, it is updating somehow on it's own. I have a site that I have been working on that I have a lot of pages for products in a sub directory and when I click those links, they do go to the correct pages so .... never mind on my comments above and ...

+1 to the OP suggestion.

Thanks for starting this thread! We have plans to add something similar. When renaming/moving images and pages you will be given an option to change all places where it was linked.

If we have enough time, this will be part of one of our upcoming 4.4.x releases.

Awesome, thanks Martin!

Wow, you guys are super responsive and accommodating to your users. I recommend this program to everyone I know!

I should have read a bit deeper into the forums before posting. This is exactly, and then some, what I would like to see also.