"Replace All" feature please?

I love the new setup for moving the files and folders around with drag and drop, thanks very very much for that!

But ... ya I know, there's always a but lol.

Is it possible to add a "Replace All" setup for when you move multiple photos at a time? The way it is now it is just automatically creating duplicates with an incremental number and I really would like to be able to tell it to just replace them when needed rather than have a ton of duplicate images when I move say 20 images into a folder.

Same setup as single images really, just with the ability to do the same replace feature as a single image.



An additional request... the ability to drag and drop images into a particular folder rather than dropping them into 'Images' and then having to drag and drop them from there into an already existing sub-folder.

I could add on to that with the ability to drag a folder in rather than just separate photos as well.

I would personally love to see all of that, but right now my main concern is the ability to replace all when dragging in multiple images that I have probably just re-edited and want to replace what's in there now.

Thanks for the suggestion! This is in the works and it will be a part of our next release.

Awesome, I'm sooooo glad to hear that! Thanks!

:) wonderful.