Replacement Value on export


For easy developpement of Jinja2 Templates, perhaps you could add a replacement on export tool. Okay, Jinja2 developpement is quite specific need, but i loved to see a right click option, then, when you select something, you could juste replace the value on export.

John Doe --> {{user.forname}}{{}}

This could simplify the post-modifications.

I believe that's what you use export scripts for. Things you need to be different on export. I don't use that feature so I can't elaborate on how that works, but that sounds like what you're looking for ... so to speak.

Hi Jo, thanks for your answer.

Do you know where i can find (more) help on this function ? Or perhasp a sample ? The Help is a little light to start with...

I agree on the help being light. I don't have any idea how that works so I haven't used it yet myself, but there are a good number of people on the forums here that have and hopefully they will come forth and answer for you and for me too.

Would be really nice if someone were to do a tutorial for this from BSS since there's really nothing at all on it and not all web designers have any idea how that type of programming works.

If I understand "Export Script" feature, it's simply like running a .bat file or a .sh. You have to use scripting file (you can find many tutorial on the web for these kind of script). But scripting your need will probably be really difficult or very long...

I don't know if you can use exe files in there, but making a program will be easier than a script maybe (If you can develop it yourself)