Request to add a Forum section for requesting new forum sections

Okay, that may be overkill, and I realize this forum software is pretty limited, but I mean, most software forums have more than five categories (and let's face it, Roadmap is very rarely updated, and Announcements is limited to new software releases.)

That leaves three sections for the users to discuss EVERYTHING that has to do with BSS, and we really could use some more categories. I know the devs do pay attention to the forums (not sure how regularly), and I'm not trying to overwhelm them, but these forums are really the lifeblood of this program for many users. A section purely for beginners could be useful. A section for discussing online components would be a real boon for many of us. A section for BSS hosting. A section for Forms. Perhaps even a showcase section where people could posts sites built in BSS.

I love that the devs put the majority of their time and effort into improving the program, but most successful software out there relies on robust user forums for much of its word-of-mouth appeal. BSS's forums are a glaring inadequacy in an otherwise superior program.

Giving this a bump as well. I realize that the BSS devs do not frequent these forums as often as we users do. They are primarily user-to-user forums (at least the Ideas and Help and How To sections.)

I'm just curious as to why there seems to be no interest in improving the BSS forums, which (whether the devs realize it or not) are a vital part of this software's success. I understand that they do not want to switch to different forum software, but how about adding some more categories to the existing forum? This would make OUR use of the forums easier and more efficient.

For example, Help and How To is constantly inundated with people asking for general website development help. Questions that have nothing to do with using the actual BSS software. Why not have two categories... one for general website help, and one for program specific help?

Why don't we have a category for Online components? This would be hugely beneficially, seeing how limited the Online library features are.

We could REALLY use a section with pinned posts for new users that answers the same half dozen questions that get asked dozens and dozens of times every month.(ex, "why doesn't my license work?, why won't my version update?, How do I upload my website to my own server?) I realize a lot of these questions are addressed in the FAQ, but for some reason, new users seem to come to the forum looking for answers, rather than read the FAQ. I think FAQ would make more sense as a forum category, than a menu link on the program's page.

Also, why not have a showcase category? Or a paid gigs category? Or a general discussion category?

This is all pretty standard stuff among other software forums.

The BSS devs are tops when it comes to this software. I mean, they are the cream of the crop. But we could really benefit from, if not a better forum, a more expansive one.