Responsive Display Bugs (Change One Display, Is a Change for All Displays)


I am currently creating a website on BSS 4.0.2 and am unable to customize the responsive display. When I have a component that is only viable for M-XL, I am unable hide it on XS-S without hiding all XS-XL. Is this happening to any one else?

Not yet seen - probably an failure in the inhertited properties?

Check the Properties of your Elements and where they inherit from with y<our Browser Site Inspector (right-mouse on your loaded website -> Inspection -> "computed" Styles" for effectiv styles and -> Styles for a list which and where from...

There you can also see, - when variyng the browser size - which Spize-Dependent rule is activ. (Thatfor you may undock the Inspector for the small sizes or use the "mobility view in the top-left of the inspector. Ralph

First thing check here on what settings you want.

Then in the app select your element you want to configure. Then in the Options pane (top/right) select the Gear Icon then go down to the section for "Responsive Display". Click the arrow to next to "Display" to expand and reveal the device size options. Look back at the website to see which Utility options to set. Any of the ones that do not declare a sizing to them such as "xs" or "sm" etc... are ones that you set using the "Display" drop down and the ones with a sizing are the ones that you set using the appropriate sizing option in the app.