Restore Custom Components

I recently had to do a fresh install of windows, and totally forgot about my custom components, as it had been a while since I used this program. Where are my custom components stored locally? I'm on windows 10.

Sorry for replying so late! I hope that you haven't formatted your hard drive. The components are stored in a file called userPackages in the bstudio folder (the location of the bstudio folder varies depending on os). You can copy this file from your old install to your new one and your packages will reappear.

Only bumping this due to someone asking about where files are and that there is no information for Mac version on where the files are located, nor what the files are called as I've checked inside the package contents of the application and checked documents (the only 2 places I usually find things on this machine) and cannot find it. Did a search of entire drive and no file named userPackages seems to exist. Info on the Reinstall only gives Windows info.

Bumping again because I just got a new Mac Mini and am transferring everything over to that computer. The package file doesn’t exist for Mac users, any help on where these things are? Is there anything else I need to transfer over othr than the license which is done already?

I used a utility called Everything ( to find stuff on my Windows machine, but I just checked and it’s not available for the Mac. :confused:

But when I did a search, it seems that most of the Bootstrap Studio files are stored in a folder named “bstudio”. There are actually two “bstudio” folders on my Windows machine. One is in my usesr>myname>appdata>local>program folder which seems to contain all the relevant program files, and only seems to get modified when the program is updated.

The second “bstudio” folder is in my users>myname>appdata>roaming folder, and this folder seems to get modified whenever I work on a website, so I assume it contains the files pertaining to user library componenents, favorites, preferences, etc…

I know Windows and Mac use drastically different filing conventions, but there’s no reason to think that the BSS devs would use different names for their folders based on the computer platform, so perhaps searching for a folder called “bstudio” on your Mac would help get you pointed in the right direction???