Retain links to rename or moved files

It would be great if there was a feature so if you renamed or moved a file into a folder, it populated through and retained the existing links to the original file.

I am new here so apologies if this has been mentioned before.

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I am new here so apologies if this has been mentioned before.

Yep, requested many times.

Perhaps, but not super-easy to do. It involves interacting with the Windows Shell and setting up a 'copy hook' COM Server through the windows registry to monitor windows file and folder operations {create, copy, move, rename, delete}.

Perhaps the easiest implementation would be to {Ctrl}-Click on a link and have a directory dialog appear in order to select a file and return/modify the absolute or relative file link back to the code.

I don't see this happening, but what will be available in the next release is the ability to find/replace links (and other text) throughout the project.

This might help immensely for numerous operations, especially since the moving of files/folders was included in release v4.5.1.

Out of all of the ways this OP request might be implemented, I have a bias. Scratch the COM Server, and file and folder monitoring, and do the following:

During a code-link integrity check, have the program ask users to locate any questionable/invalid file and folder locations.

Take any changes made and make them available to search/replace in order to make these same changes globally.

Who knows, it might be a fun program to write, but certainly makes sense and is achievable.

The other option would be to limit all file and folder actions to the GUI, as any file and folder operations outside of the GUI won't be recognized without invoking a hook (or logging and scanning for changes).