Retaining style settings on Pasting text (Mostly Bold settings)

So I'm getting a little frustrated (not at you, just in general lol) as I try to paste text into areas that have text formatting for color, bold, etc. and having a frustrating time at having to re-edit all the text as I add it, to re-add the Bold settings that were already there. Doesn't seem to matter if I copy my text from email, websites, or a plain text editor. If the text I copy isn't in bold then the app always removes the Bold setting and it shouldn't do that ever. If I have text on an element already in bold, when I paste text it should retain whatever settings I had on that element. Instead if my text that is copied isn't already in bold, then it reverts it to regular text without the bold.

Since we're always told (and rightly so) NOT to use text editors like Word, Wordpad etc. so that it doesn't capture hidden styles, then the app should retain its settings so we aren't tempted to do just that to keep the styles intact. :)

Can we do something about this?.

Thanks for the suggestion! In the upcoming release we will make the Cmd+Shift+V (Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows and Linux) key combo match the formatting of the text, so that it will work as expected when you paste.

many thanks for that !!

Perfect, but I'm on a Mac. Will we get it too? :(

Of course :) The Cmd combo is the mac version.

Oh haha I totally missed that! Thanks!