Right Click Menu disappears

I am using Bootstrap Studio on a Mac and it has become common since the update for the menu to appear and immediately disappear after right clicking. This obviously makes it very difficult to copy / duplicate / etc from the overview menu. Let me know if you need anymore information.

Thanks and I love the tool. Keep up the good work.

Hmm I'm also on a Mac and am not experiencing this issue. Have you tried backing up your projects and reinstalling?

I get this sometimes but I think is based on me using a Magic Mouse. If I cmd and click it's fine.

It's nothing to lose sleep over

I was playing around more and I seem to have the issue when using two finger right click on MB Pro trackpad, when at a desk with a mouse it seems to be fine.

"It’s nothing to lose sleep over" To me, it is a big deal. Enough to take the time to create an account and post. Yes, I could cmd click, but that is not my normal use and flow when using every other product on the mac.

There is another alternative while you wait to see if this is something that can be addressed by the devs.

In the Preview pane it also gives you the little blue menu that is sticky and always shows so if you can target what you want in the Overview pane, you can use the options in the Preview pane to do what you need to do for those things that the menu doesn't stay open on. :)

Thanks for the tip Jo. I will check it out.