Right click > Write CSS

A 'Write CSS' shortcut that when clicked, goes straight to the CSS panel within the chosen path. Sample image

For example, this tutorial video https://youtu.be/10SwsoYNkVc?t=721 shows #why .item i to point to an icon.

It would shave off some time to write the 'title' of a CSS and reduce human error although I'm not sure how smart can the program get to suggesting the best title like the one linked.

This 'Write CSS' option will ideally show up above or beneath 'Convert to HTML' or 'Copy as HTML' in the Stage, Overview Panel, and HTML Panel.

If there is more than one css files created, it will have a right arrow that lists out the files and user will click on them to create one straight in the file.

It already shows you every class and/or ID that is attached to the selected component. How much simpler can it be than that? Anything you select in the Overview pane or in the Visual Editor window responds by showing all CSS that affect that component. You don't need a button to click to open the CSS window, you have the entire bottom bar of the app to do that with which to me is a pretty large window. Although it's a bit hard to tell, the bottom bar that the HTML and Styles tabs are on is clickable. The tabs will also open the window, but they don't close it so that you can rearrange them if needed.

The CSS file names for every class are in gray to the right for every class/id that shows there. Need to get to that file? Click that grey name and poof that file opens in the Styles window as well. I see no better way for this to happen and can't see adding more buttons for something like this.

If I'm missing the point, please let me know, no offense meant, just not seeing the need for this as it already exists from what I'm seeing.

Need your new class or ID to go to a specific file? Then set that up in the Appearance window. Click any component and you'll see the settings on the right (as long as it isn't custom code that is). Now click the "Style Attribute" dropdown and tell it what you want it to do. It's pretty straight forward and allows you to add to already existing as well as new CSS files.

Everything you're asking for is already there as far as i can tell. Clarify it if I'm missing the point though.

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Wow it was a dropdown all along. Thanks for showing that to me Jo.

My first impression of that corner is that it's more for the technical stuff, because you see there's a lot of numbers, icons, and more dropdowns for precision control of the design. Definitely didn't consider that a place for 'shortcuts' to exist. The element I was suggesting is most definitely the 'Create CSS Block..' dropdown item. Good to know.

Should I request to close the thread or leave it be? I can't think of a better alternative to the current positioning of the CSS button other than my previous suggestion, but if not many people had trouble finding it I must have missed a tutorial. Watched all youtube tutorial vids a few times and read some of the written ones before I burned out, now I'm back to learning again.

Should I request to close the thread or leave it be?

Among the many weaknesses of this forum software is the inability to mark questions as "solved", or delete them entirely, or delete posts at all, or edit posts after a certain period of time. You can't post images or videos directly, there's no way to send private message other users (I don't even get the point of the @(name) feature since all it does it create a link to a person's profile, it doesn't notify them that they've been mentioned in a forum thread.) It doesn't even have an emoji menu in 2020!?!

I mean, you can't even post your own avatar. You have to do it through some convoluted method that I don't even remember at the moment.

I would gladly pay a small recurring annual charge if the BSS developers would dump this lousy Wordpress based forum for something decent like Discourse https://www.discourse.org/

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