Sass Compilation error

Read all previous posts, including the many times posted "solution". But nothing is working.

Path is right, files are there, nodejs is installed. Tried the solution to download the files manually and point BSS to that instead. Same issue (Sass compilation error, make sure ...).

Without any logs or anything, I don't have any good ideas what do try next. This all ought to be pretty straight forward.

Sorry that you've run into problems! Which os is this? Do you have an antivirus running?


No antivirus installed, running latest version of macOS.

Can you try running this command in a terminal?

echo '{"version":1, "files":{"/test.scss":"body{color:blue}"}}' | bstudio-sass

Replace bstudio-sass with the full executable path that you paste in Bootstrap Studio. Wrap it in quotes if it contains spaces.

Hmm, did I do this right?

This is the correct output. Not sure what could be causing the problem in Bootstrap Studio. I have prepared a packaged version of bstudio-sass for macOS which you can try. Here are the steps:

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. Extract it somewhere on your computer. Keep the two files in the same folder.
  3. Paste the path to the extracted bstudio-sass executable in Bootstrap Studio’s Settings dialog.

Hope this works!

While it did take care of the "Sass compilation error" dialog, I now get a new one as soon as I apply any changes in a scss file. Actually, this popup shows as soon as I enter the path to the folders with the files you sent me.

Looks like a few more steps are needed due to macOS security settings.

  1. In your terminal, make the bstudio-sass file executable with the following command chmod +x bstudio-sass
  2. Double click it, so that you see the macOS warning prompt for untrusted developer (I didn't sign the executable, sorry) and mark it as trusted.

From that point on, compilation should finally work. We will make our SASS setup much easier in our next release.

Followed your steps, but get the exact same popup.

Make sure that the path you paste in Bootstrap Studio includes the bstudio-sass executable (as a test you can paste it in your terminal and run it).

That did the trick! Thank you so much!