SASS Error [fixed in 5.0.1]

Hi there! Great update to 5.* BTW! Unfortunately have problem with previously compiled SCSS with error like "SASS Error - undefined (undefined:undefined)". It works fine in 4.*, with standalone SASS compiler but in 5.0, as i know it built in and I get this error. SCSS doesn't work as it should even if i create brand new one. Any advise here?

enter image description here

Hmm.. One more bug I think... Now I couldn't copy/paste property strings in css. It's totally wired. Better returning to 4.* until you fix it up. Notify us please as it will be suitable for stable work.

the Copy/Paste was already reported yesterday as well and today by someone else in a different thread, so I'm pretty sure they got the message there. Hang tough there Alexx, they are usually pretty quick at getting the bugs fixed up that we find.

Martin already addressed copy/paste a little bit ago and says the issue will be fixed today. :)

Great! I have seen this thread. Thank you Jo! So waiting for the SASS issue response. Can anyone else confirm this SASS error? Could you create new SCSS in BSS 5.0?

Thank you for reporting this! We just released Bootstrap Studio 5.0.1 which should resolve this problem.

Great job! Thank you Martin!