SASS improvements

I've moved from using plain CSS to SASS for all my recent projects. While I'm thankfull for the implementation of SASS editing in BSS I think it has room for improvement. Right off the bat I have 2 issues: 1. Missing autocompletion. Not having this partly defeats one purpose of using SASS (faster coding through mixins and stuff). 2. Rule mapping/jump to rule. When I click on an element, BSS correctly shows that a rule for this element is defined in a scss file. The problem is that if I want to change this rule I have to manually search for it in the file. So, again, my workflow becomes slower. I would like to be able to either change the rule by clicking on it, or click on the rule and jump the point in my scss where I can change it.

I'm going to make an assumption which may be wrong here as I will admit I haven't used the Sass setup yet, I've installed it, but ....

Anyways, all classes usually have a greyed out file name to the right at the bottom of the class attributes. This is in CSS so hence why I say it may not be right as I don't do the Sass yet I can't tell you that it does. Anyways, if it does, that is a link to the file and location of that class for CSS, see if that is available in a Sass window and if so that's how you get to the class without having to search for it. If not then yes, you definitely will want a way to do that easier than searching.

+1 (if it's not accessible as mentioned above already)

Yep, I know about that link, but unfortunately when it comes to scss files the link opens the file, but not the location of the rule, so it's not very usefull.

Hmm strange, it's always opened the the file directly to the rule for me. I'm on a Mac, maybe that's the difference? Something to think about for the devs if they aren't aware it's not doing that for Windows users if you're on Windows that is.

You seem to have misunderstood. It works as you describe for CSS files, but not for SCSS.

My mistake, I missed where you said that it wasn't working just for Sass, sorry for that, and yes, it should function the same way as the CSS does. :)