Save bootstrap.min.css with a different name

Hello, I have two distincts designs for the same website (two .bsdesign files). When I export them to the same folder I don’t have an option to save the bootstrap css files with distinct names, causing them to overwrite the previous one. How can I configure such behaviour?

I think the question here that would help us be able to help you is for you to tell us what your needs are for this. Why would you have 2 different designs for the same website and why would you put them both into the same directory. Very confusing.

Because they are from different templates. I’m a starter at this bootstrap studio world and front-end, sorry if it is a silly question.

You can export the second design to a subfolder to the first design and link them together in your navbars

And definitely not a silly question, it’s just not something people do often so I didn’t know what your situation was. Always keep in mind that when you export the files, it will always export all the supporting files needed (JS, CSS, etc.) so combining the 2 will always end up with one overwriting the other.

Is there a reason you have 2 different projects/templates for the same site? I guess that’s the question I was getting at. What the purpose of having 2 of them was.

I’ll try to merge them, so I can use one template, seems to be the easiest way.