Save Export Path as Project Specific not General

Hi, I am working on multiple projects on the same time. It would be great if the export path could be saved as a project specific variable and not as it is now, as a general one.
It happend not once to me that I made changes in a project, exported it and overwrite html files of different project :slight_smile:


Sorry you’ve run into problems! Did you create the designs by duplicating them in your file manager? This causes them to have the same ID. The app will associate all designs with the same ID to the same export settings.

You can fix this by going to File → Save As. This will generate a unique ID for the design.

Note: you can duplicate designs within the app by right-clicking on the design’s tab and clicking “Duplicate”. The app will generate a unique ID for the new design.


Hope this helps!


Oh I’ll try that immediately
Thank you