Save Location retained for duplicated projects [added in 2.4.5]

I was starting to think I was losing my mind as every time I go to Export a site, I have had to add the export location back in as it's gone. Then I realized, I've been doing a lot of "Save As" and that it's not retaining that from the previously named project, so ....

I would like to see the option of either automatically saving the Export Location when doing a Save As, or a dialog box that could ask you if you want to save that setting as well which when Yes is checked, it would then save that Export Location to the newly saved project file.

I use the Save As a lot to make sure that any large structural changes won't mess up what I already have done and can go back if I need to so I'm ending up having to retype this Export Location or renavigate to it a lot. Would help if we could retain that information or have a choice to do so. Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion! This was fixed in version 2.4.5, which was just released.

Awesome thanks!!