Saving Good Components

I'd like a way to save good Components (the html, css & javascript) into a User Component playpen. Then when it is really good and useful for others upload or share it somehow. - I suppose this is possible now, by creating components by hand?<br /> Found it. See Tutorials:

Then perhaps there should be an online Component upload? I could upload the Bootstrap yearly Calendar with the front end working, which would be better than the one Paul has up there now.

It worked! It seemed to me that "Save to Library" was not quite "Save as Component" It might help if some terminology is aligned.

Glad you found it rg,

I'm going to say something that I don't mean as a mean or nasty thing, just as constructive criticism and hopefully you'll take it that way.

I would personally like to see you learn more about the structure of websites, components (actually learning how they are structured and why, not just using BSS and creating them), before you start sharing components with everyone.

No offense, but you are a very very very green person when it comes to web design, and with all that you've learned, you haven't really learned much about web design itself, only about how to put it together by trial and error and hoping it works. There are many times that things will work, but that doesn't mean that they are put together well, or in practical ways, or the best possible way unless you really understand what you are doing.

I know it's exciting to share what you learn, but in all reality, after watching what you've done to your files over the past couple weeks, I wouldn't touch a single thing you shared right now lol. Don't get me wrong, I have loved watching you learn and grow, but sharing is something you really need to know what you are doing in order to be sure you're not sharing sub standard setups.

Keep in mind that when you share things, it's including any and all setups for CSS, JS etc. that belong to that item and if that isn't setup well, then the other people get the mess you create too. Right now I can't imagine what your files actually look like with all the hullabaloo you've done with being concerned about minimizing before you even knew what you were doing, combining files that shouldn't have been, not knowing to look for duplicate code and so on and so forth. There's a lot to learn when it comes to web design if you plan to share your items with others. We already have a myriad of super substandard components out there as it is, as well as won't work no matter what you try ones too. Would be great to see you learn about what you're doing before you get moving on that.

Just my 10 cents as usual. And truly no offense is meant at all, I really have enjoyed watching you grow, but there's so much more growing that needs to be done yet and BSS is just giving you the ability to throw it all together without learning much about why it goes that way.

Jo, I agree with you, but actually you are very insulting (to be perfectly blunt), and probably think I am greener than I really am. I've been working with computers for years and have have been involved in software development and the user interface for a number of programs. I addition I have been very active and helping in the development of OpenCPN and also in building portions of that website, in particular the wiki. Just because I am not tentative, but dive in to learn, I think you fault me. Thank you for all the sound advice. It has been invaluable.

Actually, the front end portion of Paul's Bootstrap Yearly Calendar that is online as a Component, does not work, other than show a calendar, and the one that Saj helped me get working does get the entie portion working although the entire calendar is lacking a backend for a database so it will actually save ranges of dates.

I could have gotten ticked about the fact that I spent 3-4 days working on that partial "COMPONENT" to find out that it was not a complete work and is lacking essential parts, yet Paul states "...Its so easy" on the github website. I find that terribly misleading. In fact it would have been nice if someone had clued me in on that fact... but it seems that nobody knew enough about it or they would have said something. Therefore I would like a place for others to review each and every shared component. I regard this as essential. Also there needs to be adequate area for the author to detail and state what he has done (or not completed or done).

I see COMPONENT sharing as the cornerstone of communication and leveraging the skills and work of users. I am sure if Jo does not want to use my version of Yearly Calendar, there is is someone who would, and who had the skill to take it that next step further so that it has a JSON database that works!

Component sharing is a great feature but I agree with jo's comments here.

Believe the phrase "don't run before you can walk" could be applied in this instance.

The online component section is already saturated with really poorly pulled together components as some are just copied snippets of code etc (not saying that yours is like this RG as I've not seen it)

Jo, always has good points and suggestions and I'll admit I am green to this. Perhaps it would be better if the the Yearly Calendar were fully hatched before it was placed on the Component list. (Presently it downloads 14 css files and I believe it is 12 js files and only shows a yearly calendar, and the event and event and date entry features do not work. I think it should be removed until someone builds a JSON database for it, if you want to have only useful components.

I truly didn't mean to sound harsh RG, I'm just one of those people that speaks my mind and sometimes it will sound harsh even though I don't mean it to.

Anyways. So many CSS files and JS files could most likely be combined in some ways, but should be done so manually rather than through minifiers so that you can catch duplicate codes and make sure everything is there that is needed and so on.

The issue with getting a lot of the components from the online setup in the app is that it will copy all the supporting files as well so you always end up with a few extras, but definitely not a dozen of each.

Clean it up good, combine some of the CSS manually (easy to do with BSS since it shows you if there are duplicates for anything at all that you are highlighting in the design/code/overview and tells you what files they are in and pretty much everything you need to know right in the Style window.

Create a new project and put that setup in there with just bare minimum of anything else and share it in here with us and I'm sure there's some of us would help you work with that as well. :)

Thanks Jo, I'll make it clean first. Then test it so that I know the data range entry works (but it will have no database for saving the data), and then upload to Components.