Saving the html file for version control purpose.

How do I save just the HTML file I do save, then it saves the design. We cannot version control the design. Alternately, we can export and then version control the html. Here all the dates of the exported files are changed.

Version controlling the HTML is kind of moot really because it can't affect anything in the end other than knowing what was on it. Version controlling the design file would be your better suggested method as that is the file that controls the files of the site. Having said that though, what I do is I alter a number after the design file name and save it each time I edit the site so I can always go back to the previous one if needed. I do also back up the exported files as well for about 2 months. I export them to a specific folder and have a Backup folder in there. I make a new folder each time I edit and I just put the days date on it and put all the files from the previous export into that folder for safe keeping inside the Backup folder.

That will give you both good ways to version control both the design file and the exported files. Hope that helps :)

+1 @Jo

Backup, and keep a few older version of those design files. I do that when I backup (hope you do that, too) my backups to a remote server.

These are workarounds and ok for beginning<br /> Really, version control should be available for bigger websites. If 3-4 people keep modifying, the file name changing techniques will fail. Something should be really thought to version control. Why can't individual html file be version controlled?

All individual .html, js and images should also be saved seperately.

Well you didn't say anything about multiple users in your original post so I didn't attack the situation in that mindset lol. I realize you said "we", but since I don't know where you are and if you are translating I tend to ignore things like "first person/third person/etc.", and focus on the issue rather than the grammar. :)

My main thing is this, you can version control anything you like with the exported files, but it won't tell you anything is all I'm saying. Simply because everything is managed within the app and you can't see any of that information within the app, only on export, other than the version you give the saved project file. This app isn't the most "multiple users at the same time" friendly as far as what I've seen by others posting the same questions as you. At this time, the best you can do is what I mentioned above and the additional items Marrco mentioned.

Having said that, I do recall seeing something in another thread (you'll have to search for it as I don't recall when other than in the last 6 months) where Martin responded to someone else that they were looking into the possibilities of version control. I agree, even for single users it would be helpful. Just that the above is right now the only real version control options you have unless you can come up with some other type of work around that we didn't. :)

if you do really need it's easy to do it (provided you're a pro)

run a script after export and use a tool able to backup and keep track of modified files, ie. (works on max/windows/linux) and it can easily create a structure like that:

├── last_snapshot                   <<<<<<<< last_snapshot directory contains the most recent backup
│   └── direc1
│       └── f1
└── old_files                       <<<<<<<< old_files directory contains old dated_files
    └── direc1
        ├── f1_2018-02-22_14:00:14
        └── f1_2018-02-22_15:00:14  <<<<<<<<< old version of file f1 moved here on appended date

my suggestion is also to keep a few copies of your .bssdesig files. and since the tool is using rclone save at least one backupin the cloud. YMMV