SB Adin 2 | Multiple collapsible cards on one page.

Hey there!

I bought studio yesterday, it is honestly a-ma-zing! I've only been struggling with one thing so far. I got multiple collapsible cards on one page, but when I open one, they all open. (In preview mode). Is there a way to fix that? If yes, it'd be awesome if I could be told how.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind Regards, Jonas

Very likely, you copied the first "card" to create the others then edited their content. You probably just need to correct the ID and corresponding target calls to the other "cards"


I indeed did. Where do I change the ID?

Drill through the Overview pane until you get to the second "card" container element. Click on the HTML pane which will expose it. Then click on the Attribute pane below that. You can then find the IDs and the data- targets for those IDs and change them to something unique for each "card".


Thanks for the reply! The only issue is that I cannot edit these fields:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Addition: I managed to solve it! :-) Thanks a lot for the help!

Your welcome, glad I could help.