Scaling up font size in Studio

It would be fantastic if one would be able to customize, scale up or down, the font size of any code displayed. As it is, on my 28 inch monitors running at 2560 x 1440 and using my aging eyes, reading that tiny font size for long periods is challenging.

I forgot to mention scaling of control panels as well…They’re just too small to work with for long periods of time.

Go to the top menu bar, View > UI Scaling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on the HTML/STYLES panel if it’s detached.

That’s probably something to consider on a future update @martin When the HTML/STYLES panel is floating, if a user scales the UI, it should also scale the detached panel (since it scales it when it’s attached.)

(PS - I’m starting to feel your pain, literally. My old, tired eyes are getting worse each year seeing things at “100%”) I need a pair of glasses with lenses you can just turn and get a % of magnification. Now that’s an interesting business idea!)

+1 for scaling text size on detached HTML/Styles panel(s) and any other panels that need it.

wow, not sure how I missed that… thanks. And yes it would be useful if the floating panel also had this capability… It’s odd that the html/styles panel will scale if it’s attache but drops back down to the default size if you detach it, (which is how iI prefer to work).

thanks for the quick reply.


Yeah, I’m sure we’ll find some bugs and flaws here and there as we check it out. It’s a fairly new feature to be able to break that out of the window, so just keep reporting them when you see them, they are pretty good about getting things fixed around here. :slight_smile:

Yep. Within the first week after the detached panel feature came out, I found and reported three bugs (that only seemed to effect the Windows version) and they had each fixed within 2 days of my report. This development team is top-notch! Finding this font scaling issue is the 4th bug I’ve found. :ant: Call me the bug-finder.

I can confirm the scaling issue on the detached editor panel. Unfortunately it’s an Electron bug that we couldn’t find a work around for. We will be updating Electron in the next releases and hopefully this will get resolved.