Search and Replace?

Sorry to double post, wanted to re-post in the more popular section

Did this ever get implemented?


I’m hoping to do a find and replace on around 200+ links, I can see the search icon in the HTML section but nothing to replace.

Am I looking in the wrong place or going about this in the wrong way?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rbekar,

A truely untested tip - But might work. At your own risk:

The bsdesign file is actually a zip file, containing a large JSON file, so by renaming the file [my-awesome-site.bsdesign] to [] and unpacking into a folder - Will give you another file named [my-awesome-design.bsdesign]. Rename this file to [my-awesome-design.bsdesign.json].

You can now open this file in Notepad++ (or any other editor you prefer). Do your search and replace. Save file Remove .json extension Zip file again Open file in bootstrap studio - and verify changes have been made.

And again - I have not tested this, only thought about it.

Regards, Michael

I believe I tested this some time ago and it didn't work :(

Thank you for the update @Jo

Regards, Michael