Search & Replace in Project html Files

We have a project which has about 10 groups of 25 each html files that contain custom code. We have the need to duplicate the project and then do a search/replace some short text strings in mostly all of the files. How can we accomplish this? Can we export the files, do the S/R, and re-import them to overwrite the originals - or is there another way. Please advise as this matter is rather urgent. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Save your origami project file, then do a “save as” and save it again with a different name. This will create a new project file which you can then edit to your needs. Just realize that you will not be able to combine the files from the separate projects. This is usually used for making backups (adding version names/numbers) or creating a new website from a previous template.

We have no problem "duplicating" PROJECTS - the problem is "where are the html files" that comprise the project's contents. The project consists of about 200 individual .html files, which is the content of the project. Where the heck do we find them to do a search/replace to make edits, as an example: changing phone numbers in 150 of the files, all of which are the same number to be changed to a different number. Or, an address that changes to a different one. It would be incredibly cumbersome to do this to 150 individual .html files in the project, with multiple items to be changed among them. Compound this with the fact we will have to do all that about 60 separate times. NOT HAPPENING! There must be some way of doing global S/R on each of the eventual 60 separate projects. The KEY to the answer is: where are the .html files that make up a "project" located?

P.S. We do not want to duplicate a project and then open 150 individual files several times to make changes. We want to make a S/R pass on the files to accomplish that task.

Sublime Text has a search and replace for multiple files. I would assume other advanced text editors do so also.

What program to use isn’t the problem.


When the folder is opened that contains the project file, there are no “html” files visible that are contained in the projrct.

If they cannot be accessed no program will work.

The Mystery Question remains: where are they in the file structure?????

You cannot do mass edits within the app. It does not have that feature.

Also you cannot access the html files to edit them other than to export them and edit them externally. The file system is a proprietary setup, meaning all files are within the project file only. Just remember that edits made to the html files, outside of the program, are not importable in a very usable way. Instead they will become completely Custom Code for the entire page which would defeat the purpose of using this app at all.

Understand.<br /> That was the answer that we were looking for, which is disappointing to some degree. We can do a work around and create the parallel projects, then export the files - and do the S/R. We need to export the files anyway to upload to our secure server because these projects will be coded up with manifests and service workers to be deployed as a Progressive Web Apps. Currently we have 25 in the cue and about 75 more coming in the door later this year. Testing on this has already be done on converting and adding code to BSS exported projects to PWAs and it works just fine. So, "Jo" thanks very much for the answer we WERE NOT looking for - LOLLLLLLLL BTW. We have these same apps deployed via the Apple Enterprise System to selected devices with UDID addresses in the provisioning file. Our shift to BSS was done to eliminate the AES completely and do away with the need for UDID's, and to be able to deploy the apps securely (passcode protected to download, and to open the app itself) for both Apple and Android mobile devices, including pad, tablets and desktops. We have that working too. Thanks to all for the replies, and now we have the answer. Regards.

Sublime Text has a search and replace for multiple files. I would assume other advanced text editors do so also.

Just a quick note, since Sublime Text is not free (and we don't like piracy), a very good free alternativ is Atom, that can do that:

Also notepad++ can do that, but for editing bootstrap, css and js imho Atom is much better.

Thank you Marco. We will look at both of those out of curiosity. We currently use Text Workbench (not free), for S/R in files. Also use a couple of others to do MS Word S/R actions. Again, thanks to all for the response.

You're welcome Herb... Sorry for the original misunderstanding leading to the NOT WANTED answer lol. Hope it works for you otherwise then, I know it's a time saver for me, but what you're talking about is a bit above my head as I don't do apps, only sites. Enjoy!

Thanks Jo. We have found that BSS has been the easiest to use and has the functions, and optional capabilities, to create mobile apps that can be viewed on all screen sizes + desktops. We are using BSS exported projects as the basis for converting them to progressive web apps. We have a ton of projects in the que for a big client in NYC that has us converting native apps we designed into apps that do not need to have any involvement with the "new trillion dollar" company. Of course, we have alot of coding post-project-export, but the end result is a pretty neat app, when we add all the other stuff, re: push messages, etc. Regards.