Any chance we'll be getting the ability to do a mass search/replace (to go along with the search being fixed of course first so that it will search for exact typed including symbols).

Bumping this as it never got an answer and I'm finding myself in the position of really really needing this feature again. Would make reusing a template/theme that you didn't know you would use again much easier. Would allow us to do a whole lot of quick changes rather than editing a class one at a time for over 200 of them :/

If this were to get implemented the following should be considered:

  • We would need to be able to specify the criteria of what sections/page/etc. that we want to search and replace in.
  • This should be useable in the HTML area, the Styles area, Custom Code and the Text Editing area (as well as the Text editing if it gets added to the HTML area.
  • This should be usable in the ID's, Classes and other attributes and labels that get added to the HTML area. Maybe a specific way to search with a checkbox system to tell it what areas to look in? Not sure the easiest way to implement this, but I could picture a checkbox with something like:

Please check the areas you would like to search and replace in: [ ] ID's [ ] Classes [ ] All Attribute Fields (ID, Class, Role, Data-Toggle, etc) [ ] All HTML Code etc.

Check the items you want to search and replace in: [ ] All HTML pages [ ] Only Current open page [ ] All Custom CSS Files [ ] Only Current Open Custom CSS File [ ] All Custom JS Files [ ] Only Current Open Custom JS File etc. etc. I'm sure you can probably come up with an easier solution, but thought I'd throw out the ideas in case they help at all. I'd be happy even if it could only do the currently open HTML and Custom CSS pages. Am just hoping this will get implemented so I don't have to mess with this outside the program as that would not be very efficient for me. Thanks!

Thank you for another great suggestion! This would be a great addition to the program. It is also going to be a lot of work. We can roll it out incrementally - we will first implement search and replace functionality for the HTML view and the CSS editor, which lack this at the moment. When we have that in place, we can make a dialog for replacing all occurrences in the entire project.

Ohhhh Martin Thank you! Incrementally will be just as awesome, I can't wait for all the great things coming!

Can we also get a "Go To" along with the search features when they get added? One of the hardest things right now (and I'm going to assume this will still be the same after the Sass stuff is added) is getting to a specific class or tag within a file if you're looking at it via criterial. Since when the search happens it just brings up all the instances of your search criteria, if you happen to have something out of order (various Media queries need to be in a specific order type thing) you still have to search manually for those tags because you cannot get to them via the search other than to edit them. They cannot be moved at all from there.

I'm wondering, maybe just something in the Dropdown on the right of each class/tag could be added to the list of items in that dropdown for a "Go To" that will take you directly to that tagd and close the search so you can then manipulate the positioning of a class/tag.

I hope I'm saying this right lol, I know what I'm trying to say, but not sure if I got all the right words in there so please let me know if this isn't making sense.

The main thing is to be able to move the class/tag up or down if needed, and if you have to search for that tag, you cannot move it within the search results. I would like to be able to tell the app to take me directly to a specific class/tag within it's normal environment rather than within search criteria so it can be manipulated for positioning in the css file.

Did this ever get implemented?

I'm hoping to do a find and replace on around 200+ links, I can see the search icon in the HTML section but nothing to replace.

Am I looking in the wrong place or going about this in the wrong way?

Thanks in advance.