<rant>Would be great if those who post new ideas did a quick search for topics when raising new ideas as all I’m seeing lately is the same things being raised over and over again</rant-over>

THANK YOU! Because for me it's the same feeling. It gets old to keep answering the same questions, pointing people to ideas that have already been asked for, or telling them that it's already done in some way or another and then having to find the post that I or someone else already posted how to do things. It's more work for us than it is for the poster who should be doing the searching, not us lol.

Problem is, they won't see or read this post either haha. Great choice on title though, that should catch their attention for a while :P

Lol i thought you would share the sentiment jo ? but just to be clear, my post is not meant to discourage users from wanting to ask for new things as ideas are great to have ( just not same ones over again)

And whilst on subject of raising ideas i for one think it would be great if users thought more about talk more about describing the benefits an idea has to the community too as may help the devs decide if it’s worth idea

That’s just my opinion of course.

My opinion too completely.