Selection follow Custom Code box with tab clicks

I do a lot of duplicating of custom code, obviously to save time when it's minimal edits in them. Right now I'm doing some custom code boxes for some audio files for a client's website. What I have an issue with here is that when I open multiple custom code boxes (yep it happens lol), you cannot tell which box is which in any way. There's nothing to designate anything.

Although it would probably be a pain to try to mark them in some way to know which is which, ... it would be extremely helpful if when you click an open custom code window tab that the selected element in the visual window would change to that open element. That alone would solve this entire problem of recognizing which box goes to which element on the page, especially when you're trying to just copy and paste some code from window to window.

P.S. Yep I'm aware that you can double click the custom code element in the visual screen and it will choose the custom code box, but it would be so much better and so much more efficient if it did it in the opposite direction as well. Especially if you open too many windows accidentally that you cannot even get to lol.

Rather than complicate things why not option to change the name of a custom component block surely that must be easier to implement than selection follow ?

Well I dunno, I guess I'm thinking that they already have it in there in the opposite, with follow selection. Clicking the custom item in the visual pane will switch to the tab it's connected too. So I'm thinking if they did it that way it must be half implemented already? I could be wrong there, not a programer.

I would welcome naming the custom code tabs. We can already label them, so maybe just have it show the labels? Whatever works so we can recognize them works for me lol.

If you give the Custom Code block a Label when right clicking it in the Overview pane, it actually does rename the Custom Code blocks tab in the Styles section.


Interesting, I've never noticed that. Hmm, as much as I'd like to say that is helpful.... and it is ... lol

I'm still back to square one with one simple reason, right now a site I'm working on has dozens of audio files that they want available to download and listen to. Truly I don't want to have to name every single one of them by a name or date or something just to be able to know which window I have open. There should be some inert way for this to work without us having to go through all that. Hence why I suggested the select follow. Much simpler from the designers position. Probably not from the developer's position, but maybe Martin will have some ideas on this too.

Thanks for the tip on the label for them though, that will help a lot for those that aren't a billion repeated files hahaha.