Share components between sites in project


I want to know is a possible to share components (like a menu of footer) between sites in project? I think about shared menu, when I change a link in one, it will change in all files automaticaly. The same with footer link.

I thing its going help close project using only Bootstrap Studio without outside editors.

Best regards! Daniel

Hiya Daniel,

I'm going to assume you meant between "pages" in a project rather than "sites" in a project? If so please do a search on the forums here for:

Paste Linked

That is the feature you're looking for if you're looking to use the same components throughout a site where updating one will update all of them. :)

Totally awesome :) I think that, if CSS options will improve to add gradient to background image, then will be mind blowing :) Best regards! Daniel

Yeah it's a pretty awesome app. Also, if you want to get your hands a little dirty there are a lot of websites out there that have tools for making the code to do gradients. I use them all the time. Then use the code in your custom CSS file (I literally name mine custom.css so I know it's my personal one lol). You can use gradients that way very easily for pretty much anything you need to use them for.

Good luck and enjoy!

Its not a problem to create linear-gradient() in css for me, but I dream about something what will do everything for me ;)

Another problem with pasted linked... Why paste work only on body element? I have a div element on the top of body. When I pasted block to body I cant move it do this div... Why?

Best regards Daniel

I wonder Why paste work only on body element.