Sharing components

Opened this topic so we can share our components. Here are mine!

QueNua Bootstrap Studio Components on GitHub

It's a start but I needed a collapsible navigation... So it's the first one I share.

Thank you for sharing your work! I am sure lots of people would find these useful. You can also check out this topic.

In the next releases, we will add the ability to publish your components online and people will be able to search and use the components from inside Bootstrap Studio, which will make things much easier.

Hi Michel,

Many thanks for building these components for the community to use. Very handy and helps me improve my knowledge of bootstrap frameworks works and give me tips on how to use this brilliant tool more and more.

@Martin 2 quick questions:

1) can we get a sticky post that is moderated and used to store the thread people have built for use to use.

2) will the additional BS Studio component coming in v2.2 match how these component have been built?