Shopping Cart continual loading

Morning All. I’m having an issue with the shopping cart. It has a continual loading circle on the shopping cart. All the buttons and responses work (ie you hover over them and the loading circle changes to cursor, it links to success and cancel pages). Any ideas how to stop loading icon? Thanks Darren

Thank you for the report! If possible can you send us a link so we can investigate? - here is the basic site so far.

Thank you for the link! This isn’t a problem with the Reflow integration. You’ve added a number of classes to the shopping cart div, one of which is “placeholder”. This is a bootstrap class which makes the element gray and shows a loading mouse cursor.

Good Morning, thank you for this, i actually just added the shopping cart from the panel and didnt add any other classes but i will sort that now, thankyou for your reply :slight_smile:

The class attribute is a locked attribute from Shopping cart