Shortcut "Select all" vs Polish letter ą

When I press (right) ALT+a for Polish letter "ą" the whole text is selected like it is when pressing (left) CTRL+a. For "ą" I have to press Shift+~ and then "a" and it's problematic. I don't see the options for changing keyboard shortcuts.

Hiya Kuba,

Alt + A has been and always will be, most likely, the universal "highlight all" key combo. Not sure why it would be different for you, but maybe in a Polish setup it's different. I don't believe there are any options at all for editing keybindings. You may need to use your computer's keyboard app in your settings in order to do this.

"Select All Text" (for Windows) is Ctrl + A

I have QWERTY keyboard with Polish (programmer) layout and I use (right) Alt for Polish letter (ą, ś, ł, ó etc.).

Even now, when I write this post (right) Alt + A doesn't select all text (this is the job of the left Ctrl + A combination). But in Bootstrap Studio both (right) Alt + A and (left) Ctrl + A selects all text.