Show File Size of Pages, Scripts, Images, etc.

I care about page loading times, hence the filesize is an important information. It would be grate to show the filesize of all components in the design section on the right side.

I don't know if that makes sense. I just uploaded a component, linking to en external sample image, hence it would show a very small site. If i included that image instead of linking it could have been 1MB. And adding comments to my css would have caused it to become heavier too. That said i think shared components should undergo a serious review. And additional info is always welcome. I'm just not sure component size is a valuable font of information about quality and effect on page loading times.

Yeah I thought the suggestion was a bit vague so I didn't bother to comment on it either. If you mean total page size or images, etc. It's pretty simple to just export your site and see all the files all at once in the folder on your computer. Just sayin', I guess I don't see the total need for this... For components there's really a vague standpoint there because not all components actually have anything but text in them which means they are small by any means. If they have images, then the image sizes are all in the folder on export and you can see the actual height/width of an image in BSS in it's tooltip already, just not the file size.

Now, having said that, I "could" see this as a real benefit if they do end up adding things to enhance images and files etc. Then it would be a big benefit to see right there what the result of your changes was in file size.

I don't care about total file size and if we are correct down to the bytes. But for example, I'm using SVGs, and just drop them into BSS. Doing (exporting) the same graphic with different programs can give you file size differences by factor up to 10.

Working with external designers etc. this is all about workflow and speed. I don't want to export, switch, check, etc. If I see, the SVG is 500K, I just drop a note: Minify it.

Thanks for the suggestion! We can save the file sizes of images when they are imported, and show this in the UI next to the resolution in the tooltip. Do you think this would help you with your work?

Well, yes but why not add the size & resolution information behind the filename? Then I wouldn't have to hover over all entries and try to memorize everything. Like:

my-image.svg (400x500, 8192b)

Because that will take up real estate in the app, and that means that whatever amount of space is needed for that to show, then that part of the window has to be that much wider to do so. I would be extremely grateful for a mouse over tooltip with that information in it though.

Now if there's a way for it to show it next to the file name as mentioned by Robert, and it doesn't take up real estate on the app to do so, then of course that would be optimal, but I can't see how that would be unless it just ran off the edge of the screen when that part was minimized, same as the file paths do for images and such. Of course, to me, that would mean I have to move that right sidebar section wider every time I want to see that number which would be more tedious than using a tooltip...

Just my 10 cents LOL.

Why not have a horizontal scroller in that case that you move to the right and which stays, then I see the last part of the filename and all information.

The thing is, if I'm interested in such information it's very likely that I do something with several files and then it's done. So, not a back and forth. Just keep things simple...

hmm that would work, and might be a good thing since they already have a scroller built into the top part where the URL's and Filename paths are entered. I like that idea. then you can see all the file info for all the files rather than one at a time with tooltip, and it's not taking up valuable real estate too. Good thinking Robert!