Sign in button bugs out with more than 10 reflow elements

This happens when there is more than 8 add to cart buttons or product elements (10 reflow elemtnes in total on page). I dont want to use the default product layout as I need to be able to customize it more that the default element allows, and thats why I have multiple add to cart buttons and product elements. This said, when I add more than 8 of these lements it all bugs out, the sign in button becomes like in the picture and some of the elements just strait up dissapear…

Just saw in console this: “Reflow: Only the first 10 components on this page will be rendered, the rest will be ignored.” Can this be bypassed?

Reflow has a hard limit of 10 components per page because each results in a separate HTTP request to our backend. It is advised to instead use a single Product List. You can inspect your browser’s Dev Tools for error messages from the reflow library.