Simple FTP support

Hello, i don't know if there is this fonction, (im waiting the purchase of this software) but add a fonction to up/edit file live from a FTP serveur allocation. Like Coda (for macOS or notepad++ for windows(NppFTP plugin)

thanks !

I just don't see that the Devs would add a FTP client to the app.

But if you can map the location as a network drive, then yes you can export right to the server. But if you're wanting a FTP client popup for you to login to somewhere, I just don't see that happening.


It takes a few minutes to use file zilla and upload that way so I agree with saj here.

Ya same here, been using Filezilla for uploads and to be honest, the only time that is extra that I spend with it this way is making backups before exporting, and even that is easier this way than if you were using an internal FTP.

OK the guys, why not, but when you are used to doing that way, it is not bad to be able to continue to make it, each we have a working methodology guys ;)

i use WinSCP and have it set to auto-sync so it automatically pushes to testing server when i need it. super simple to setup as well. and while i am all for feature-rich apps, given the scope of BSS, this is a non-starter for me. Dreamweaver or Aptana Studio seems the next logical step if that's what you're after and they are both platform agnostic.

You can write your own script for uploading the export directory to an FTP host, and then set the script to run when an export occurs. Or even write a script that opens your favorite ftp client if you prefer.

Are there any scripts that have been shared to help out with the export to ftp process?<br /> FTP or SFTP would be a great addition to the program.