Simple SCSS Example

I have installed this option. Does anyone have a simple example of code to try to see if it is actually working ?

I am getting the name.compiled.css file but unsure how to get results ?

Ok, everything is working. THIS is a pretty powerful addon !

One of the easiest things to do is



You just make a variable with a value then you can apply that variable's value to any CSS property. There are more advanced things that can be done, but I'm not entirely up to speed on all it myself.

I know you already figured somethings out so this is really for anyone else that was looking at this and wondering about it as well.


Thanks Saj for that example. My problem was simply forgetting to hit the "apply" button once I created my theme.scss file settings.

I was able to create another _reset.scss file also and then have the theme.scss @import 'reset' work also. I have a lot to learn about the structures. Supposedly the _reset.scss file will not be compiled as its in a special file identifier with the _.

My direction is to use scss for a mixin for retina images 1x, 2x, and 3x settings. There are some good tutorials out on the web on how to do this....excited to see what others share !