Simple slider not sliding

I updated the pics on my website, and deleted the old slider i was using as it always started on slide 2, and it annoyed me. i couldnt fix it! plus with all the updates i thought it might be better.

so i spent a lot of time getting all the pics the same size and setting up the slider, but its not working at all! do you have to turn it on somehow?? last time it just worked. i dont even know where to start!

its just the simple slider from the media section in studio. thanks in anticipation! cheers

whoa so i converted it to bs4 and the slider worked - but the pictures were all stretched out sideways with the top of the photos missing. i just closed it and didnt save it so its still bs4.

you know i thought this was a drag drop simple program, but im starting to think its beyond me. when i put a slider in last time it just worked! i have no idea where to find any controls for it, cheers

Bootstrap Studio is not intended to be a "drag drop simple program" : take a look at the videos on youtube to see how to use. If you don't know HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, it is just not for you, just as beginner tools like Mobirise or Wix.

well thats very insightful and helpful, thanks for bothering to reply! ive seen plenty of more simple questions on here, and people have actually replied with assistance. but maybe i asked for that, so yeah, thanks for putting me in my place.

Now, as i said the old slider worked, i dont remember flicking a switch. can anyone help?

rest assured though, im no quiter, ive created a whole site with this program, and its not bad, ill figure it out eventually, i just thought someone might be kind enough to help. cheers

In a round about way he did answer you magpie. You will need to adjust your CSS in order to work things how you want them. If you're not sure what to do, then you should do some tutorials on CSS and HTML so that you will be able to do these things. If you have that knowledge already, then have at it and edit the CSS to fix what's wrong there.

No he really didnt, and neither did you. I just thought someone might be kind enough to give me a hint where to look for the problem, as, as i said, the last time i installed one it worked just fine. i have made adjustments myself before, and im sure i will work it out. If you were to ask me about a problem with your car, id try and give you a hint or suggestion without expecting you to learn how the motor works, but thats just me, i can be helpful without having to make myself seem superior. its fine, ive got it, really, and when it works, ill share how i did it in case any other newbie has the problem, cheers

oh and thanks!!

lol, it's not that we don't want to help magpie, it's that so many newbies have come here expecting everyone to do it all for them that we've gotten a bit burned out on it. You do need to understand that although this program has a fair amount of drag and drop and "can" put a site together for you without much coding needed, you won't really be able to make it your own, or adjust things how you like them without having knowledge of coding and how things work with HTML and CSS. If you don't have that foundation to work with, you will forever be asking questions (basic questions) that most likely won't get answered very often.

So the answer is, do yourself a favor and do some tutorials on HTML and CSS, learn the basics of those 2 languages and that will carry you through most everything you need for a website other than Javascript/Jquery which you can get from many external sources.

Oh, and next time, don't delete what you're replacing until "after" you have the replacement working :)

And there's a trick to learn for those galleries (and there are a few like you had) that don't show the first photo first. Add a different photo to the first slot that doesn't matter if it's seen and let it then do the rest as it was. This way it will start with your first photo that you want seen as the first one. :)

I have basic knowledge, or i would not be asking, I would have given up the first day, 2 years ago when i first started the damn website for my husband bloody club! My query was WHERE to look. Ie in the header section, under which tab.

luckily i still have the old version saved, so i will put them up side by side, and try and find the difference, or just delete the pics from the old one and replace with the new resized ones that should display more evenly. But not deleting first is good advice, so thanks. I actually did do that with the first pic, nice to know it wasnt just me, so thankyou for that. I guess what i dont understand is why bother answering at all if you are not going to be helpful, (telling someone you dont have enough knowledge to use it, dumb it down is not helpful at all, though i could take it if a sliver of information was in there) just scroll on by, life is too damn short, or maybe thats just the grumpy menopausal woman talking. cheers and thanks

Ok I just put that slider in my test project and I think what you're having an issue with is that it does not seem to have any auto start settings. I just looked at the JS and I see nothing there for any type of automation at all. It looks like it's basically a click slider (I am not a scripter so I will say I could be wrong here, but I doubt it as it's pretty small and simple to see what it's saying) . Looks like all you do is:

1. Put the images in your image directory (add a folder for them so you can keep them organized in BSS). 2. Right click each image to get the path (just saves typing). 3. Click on the Slides, one by one, in the Overview pane or the HTML code, either works. 4. Paste each of the paths into the code up to the forward slash so your code would be added in the bold area like below: background-image:url(test-slider/action.jpg/~text?txtsize=68&txt=Slideshow+Image&w=1920&h=500); 5. Adjust the Text size, Width and Height as shown above at the end in bold. 6. Open the JS file in the Javascript file tree and looks like the only thing you really would change there is "true" or "false" for the "loop" setting depending on your preferences for that.

That's it, there's nothing else to do with this. I've never used it as I use external software, it took me about 2 minutes to do. I can see if you're not a coder that you may not realize it's not a "auto slider" if that's what you're looking for, as that wouldn't be obvious unless you check the JS where there are just no settings for it.

If you're looking for an automated one you'll need to look further. Check the Online Components sharing tab, there's probably a bunch of them there you can try. I use WowSlider which is an external software and I set it up with custom code blocks, it is a bit involved, but not really code you have to do, just a lot of copy/paste of the code to put in specific places after you export the gallery. Took me a bit to make that work in BSS as well.

Hope that helps.

Hi, thankyou so much for taking the time to do that. I really really appreciate it.

I must have used a different slider when i put the site together a couple of years back, because it works automatically. when i get a chance ill go back and either revert to the old saved site, or maybe have a look at the 2 new slide shows. I will also check out the wow slider as you suggested, once again, thankyou I really do appreciate it, cheers, JO