Simulating ViewSize in Bootstrap Studio 2.7.1 (Using device icons)

Hi! I am a total newbee on this software so please bare with me :)

As I was watching the tutorials I could see that when he first simulated a SM device the view-port (size) was 768px x 650px. Later in the tutorials movie, it had changed to 768px x 1368px. Where can i change this, I just cant figure out on how to do it. Now i have to simulate it in Chrome all the time. Any idea or tips?

There are 4 icons in to top right of the in app preview editor window - these are the different breakpoints and if you click each one the editor preview window changes the match the break point

Hi, chris. Thx gor your answer, i could see that i didnt quite wrote my question clearly ? The thing was, when i followed the demo, the presenter clicked button for tablets, and at my computer as well in the demo it showed 768x600 something. Later in the demo video he clicked the icon for tablet, but this time it was s different resolution.

Thats why i got confused.

If its still unclear i could provide a screendump

Best regards martin

Hiya martin,

My guess is that he probably had a previous verison of the app in the beginning of the video and finished the video with an updated version. At some point we did get some different setups for the view screen sizes and updates just happen when they happen so could be he got an update before the video was finished. Just my guess here of course lol. There are no settings for that so that's about the only thing I can think of that it could be.

The videos are a bit dated so you'll notice that some of the features are a bit different now than what the videos show as well.

When you select a different device on the top right, on the left hand side by the Grid icon is the dimensions of "your" product. So the height will be whatever the height of your page is.

And yes I just tried it to verify it. My online component of Animated Pretty Product List v1.2 in tablet mode is 768px X 5390px.


Oh haha, I wasn't even paying attention to the size and was just assuming it was not the right width lol. Thanks for clarifying that Saj :)