Site File Project management


New Project ground up
little or no original site import
large amount of pages 1,000’s for perspective

Step one goal:

Site files “mapping” Site files organizational tree
Create actual skeleton files preemptively based on known name.html

Automation script for Step one goal desired:

Given a list of file names eg.

In dialog window input or select or create new folder/directory
On Run: create a new file for each record in import file
each new file will be based on existing template.
Could even name them NEW_name.html so you know in site files tree all your new “empty” ones exist and need content added by yourself or a larger content authoring team.

Hope that makes sense.

PS background I"m working on a pet project for a large firm to migrate operational manuals into a lightening fast html format that would also be deployed on ipads and run offline. Thanks to the coders at Iconfactory it is possible :grin:… since Apple locked out browser from running local content :roll_eyes: