Size of all bootstrap component

Hi there! I'm new here and I need help with components, table, css, font, etc, size.

How can I reduce all size up to 75% less? like when I press "ctrl" + "-" in browser.

Thank for help!

You need to edit the component or elements settings in the CSS to do that. BSS isn't a 100% visual program, there is a lot of coding that will still need to be done to address issues like that, gives you a lot more control over your settings that way.

If I've misunderstood your question let me know, there are at least 3 ways that your question could be interpreted so if I've chosen the wrong one just post again and give a little more detail.<br /> The main thing that is unclear is if you mean the window of the App itself needs to resize for you to see things better, or if you're asking about altering the settings of the components and elements for the page. Using the ctrl+/- will still resize things in the browser no matter what you set in the BSS app, but you may need to clarify things if I misunderstood. :)

Hi! first of all thank for your answer. sorry if I wrote wrong or something, I'm argentinian and my native language is spanish. Yes you've understood, my need is see html 25% less, cause I see that is very big for what I need. The result that I need is like when I press "Ctrl" + "-" (reduce up to 75%).

Thank again!

Yeah you'll need to do those adjustments in the CSS of your page(s) then, there isn't a key combo to do that, it's all coding for most things like that. Images you can usually do using the checkbox on the top right that allows you to set them as "responsive" or not, but most other things will need to be adjusted in the CSS of your site.